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Recruitment During a Pandemic

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recruitment during a pandemic

With all the doom and gloom that surrounds the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s a breath of fresh air to be able to shout about some recent success stories regarding recruitment within the Crown Group.

Almost ¼ of UK jobs were put on furlough under the government’s job retention scheme, which has led to a rise in recruitment in key worker industries.

While employment took a back step during the height of the pandemic, many of our customers still require vital fuel-related services to keep their homes and business running smoothly. As a result, we needed to hire a fuel engineer and mechanic as soon as possible to cope with increasing demand.

We’ve adapted our recruitment process, including remote and socially distanced interviews to ensure we are operating within Covid-guidelines.

Recruited for will, as well as skill!

We have recently recruited for a fuel engineer role which required technical knowledge. Strict social distancing rules and many staff operating remotely meant it was challenging to interview in person. Therefore, all interviews took place on Microsoft Teams.

One candidate stood out from the outset, with his excellent industry experience and know-how.

Another interviewee had previously worked for a Covid-affected business and was recently made redundant. While they lacked industry knowledge, their transferable skills blew the interviewers away.

“It makes me proud to have been able to offer both candidates a job within the Crown Group. As a business, we are willing and able to provide training and further development to candidates who want to support and help us take the next step in our expansion” said recruitment manager, Kate Taylor.

Hired for quality, particularly personality

As a UK leading fuel supplier, our large tanker fleet is dedicated to delivering our wide range of fuels to every corner of the UK. As a result, we have also employed an experienced HGV mechanic to support our senior mechanic in a busy workshop. All interviews were done with socially distanced measures in place as the applicants needed to see the workshop.

One candidate had unfortunately had his Level 3 HGV funding cut due to Covid-19, 6 months prior to completion. On interview, he showed professionalism and industry knowledge and understood that his situation was unavoidable do to the current climate.

Our recruitment managers were impressed with his personal attributes and therefore made an offer to support his training, enabling him to gain his qualification, while also providing a clear progression path within the Crown Group over the next two years.

“This week has made me proud to work as an internal recruiter for an independent family-run business. We are hugely excited to onboard all new recruits into our business and we look forward to seeing them progress.”

If you’ve been affected by Coronavirus or are looking for a new opportunity, email or visit our job vacancy page.